COST ACROSS Workshop “Big Data for Reliable 5G Networking”

COST ACROSS Workshop “Big Data for Reliable 5G Networking”, co-located with EUCNC2016, Athens, Greece, 27 June 2016

5G aims at bringing new, distinctive network and service capabilities fulfilling the needs of the future Internet of Things. 5G networks will sustain enormous data volumes per geographical area, ensure user experience continuity in challenging situations such as high mobility and very densely populated areas, and support mission critical services requiring very high reliability, global coverage and/or very low latency. Network software-ization through emerging technologies such as Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), and Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) is introduced to provide the means and flexibility needed to reach the required performance and scalability targets in an efficient way. However, to achieve the full potential of future 5G networks involving these complex technologies, huge challenges regarding network and system management are faced. Data analytics and Big Data techniques exploiting data coming from countless network devices in forms of device logs, usage histories, media contents delivered over networks and so on, provide a promising direction to prevail these problems. The workshop addresses fundamental scientific challenges regarding the use of Big Data techniques for 5G network management. Specific topics of interest include Big Data for resource and service optimization, Big Data for QoS/QoE driven self-management, Big Data for green networking, Big Data for network economics and pricing, QoS/QoE monitoring for Big Data analytics, monitoring behavioural data while guaranteeing the users’ privacy, etc.

Workshop Programme Big Data for Reliable 5G Networking (COST ACROSS) including abstracts

Contact: Hans van den Berg

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