COST ACROSS MC and WG1-3 meeting, Bilbao, Spain, 13-14 October 2016

Venue: Bizkaia Aretoa.

Organizer: Fidel Liberal (University of the Basque Country , Bilbao)


Overview technical presentations WG1-3 meeting + links to slides:

  1. Towards a Framework for Comparing Application-Network Interaction Mechanisms
    Susanna Schwarzmann, Thomas Zinner, Ognjen Dobrijevic  slides
  2. Transport protocol performance over cellular access: adaptability issues and future steps
    Eneko Atxutegi, Ake Arvidsson slides1, slides2
  3. On QoE Metrics and QoE Fairness for Network & Traffic Management
    Tobias Hossfeld, Lea Skorin-Kapov, Poul Heegaard slides
  4. Analysis and Measurement of BitTorrent
    Andri Lareida
  5. Energy aware server with setup delay: analysis and optimization
    Misikir Gebrehiwot and Samuli Aalto slides
  6. A Mobile IoT Device Simulator for IoT Cloud Systems
    Attila Kertesz slides
  7. Evaluation of new efficient web caching strategies
    Gerhard Hasslinger slides
  8. Reference model for resource distribution in Cloud Federation
    Wojtek Burakowski slides
  9. Modeling fault behavior in evolving complex open software environments
    Tihana Grbac slides
  10. Generalized Aggregation Functions and Quality Indicators in Overall Telecommunication Network Models
    Stoyan Poryazov, Emilia Saranova
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