Task Forces

Task Forces and mapping on Working Groups

TF no. Task Force title TF Leader(s) WG1 WG2 WG3
TF01 Softwarization of networks Javier Sainz Guerra, Kurt Tutschku ++ ++  
TF02 Cross-layer QoE-management Peter Pocta + ++  
TF03 QoS-aware service composition Rob van der Mei ++ +  
TF04 Cloud federations Wojtek Burakowski ++ + +
TF05 Energy/cost-aware management control Javier Sainz Guerra ++ + ++
TF06 New transport protocols Ake Arvidsson ++    
TF07 Quality/cost management Stoyan Poryazov ++ + ++
TF08 QoS/QoE modelling Tobias Hossfeld, Thomas Bohnert   ++  
TF09 QoS/QoE monitoring Martin Varela   ++  
TF10 Human factors Katarzyrna Wac   ++  
TF11 End-user monitoring (merged with TF09)        
TF12 Effective monitoring of encrypted ‘grey’ traffic (merged with TF06)        
TF13 Pred. and modelling of service composition performance, quality and reliability Tihana Grbac ++ ++  
TF14 Provisioning of context-dependent pricing, charging and billing Peter Key     ++
TF15 QoS and price-aware selection of cloud service providers Phillip Leitner ++   ++
TF16 Autonomic and reliable control of wireless networks Steven Latre ++